Death penalty in namibia

Germany was little more than a decade into its colonization of south-west africa ( present-day namibia) when the events of this post took place, and the to hunt down and disarm the splinter groups who escaped, later to lay hands on the captains by putting prize money on their heads and finally to sentence them to death. Sentence of death upon pregnant woman 279 manner of carrying out death sentence 280 cumulative or concurrent sentences 281 interpretation of certain provisions in laws relating to imprisonment and fines 282 antedating sentence of imprisonment 283 discretion of court as to punishment 284 minimum period of. Canada, most of latin america, all of western europe, australia, new zealand and namibia prohibit the death penalty as have the czech and slovak republics, hungary and romania russia retains it virtually only in name: clemency has revoked the few recent death sentences a few years ago, the soviet. I respectfully submit that the call to consider the legalization of capital punishment is misguided not only is the death penalty explicitly outlawed by the namibian constitution, it also contravenes namibia's regional and international human rights obligations moreover, the death penalty has not been shown to deter criminal. In some countries, laws' origins have inspired contemporary pushes for their removal nineteen african countries, for instance, no longer have the death penalty many who pushed for it to be overturned argued that it was a colonial tool of intimidation and suppression that had no place in their free society. Government name: republic of namibia constitution: adopted: 1990 established a multi-party, presidential democracy seeking to overcome apartheid in this constitution, presidency is required to be directly elected and restricted to two terms of 5 years each and the death penalty is abolished government type: republic. Life imprisonment in namibia: a brief overview article 6 of the constitution of namibia expressly prohibits the death penalty in the following terms: the right to life shall be respected and protected no law may prescribe death as a competent sentence no court or tribunal shall have the power to impose a sentence of death. Past and present criminal justice system in namibia 13 21 criminal justice system prior to independence 13-18 22 criminal justice system after independence 18-20 221 deterrent value of the death penalty 20-24 22 2 international and foreign comparative law 24-25 2221 international agreements to.

Namibia, são tomé and príncipe, and mozambique approved new constitutions in 1990 which either abolished the death penalty or made no provision for it in hungary the constitutional court abolished the death penalty by ruling that its provision under the penal code violated new provisions of. Namibia, netherlands, nicaragua, panama, portugal, sao tomé and príncipe, spain, sweden, uruguay and venezuela for a list of countries which have abolished the death penalty see amnesty international list of abolitionist and retentiionist countries (issued periodically) 2 the five countries are brazil, el salvador. The death penalty has been abolished or has fallen into disuse throughout portuguese and french-speaking africa the same goes for south africa and namibia only a handful of countries regularly execute, most prominently egypt, sudan, somalia, and libya several verge on abolition zambia has had. 07baco ict521s 215005643 should namibia introduce the death penalty murder is one of the crimes that are mostly committed in our country, overwhelmingly incre.

Saying it is painful to lose a loved one through stabbing, the aunt said she believes that the reinstatement of the death penalty will deter people from killing each other //karas regional head of the youth directorate annelien van wyk attributed the knife murders to poverty and lack of proper adult role models at homes. Constitutional background the 1990 constitution established a multi-party, presidential democracy seeking to overcome apartheid presidency is directly elected and restricted to two terms of 5 years each the death penalty abolished the common law of namibia is based on roman-dutch law applied since 1920 which.

Values and aspirations of the namibian constitution and more specifically the inherent right to dignity afforded to such incarcerated offender‟ and maintained that after the abolition of the death penalty, a sentence of life imprisonment is the most severe form of punishment a court can impose on an accused. Gender based violence in namibiasince namibia's independence in 1990, the country has been admired both at home and abroad, as a beacon of stability, peace, and he further noted that government has a particular responsibility to look after all its people, so merely “reintroducing the death penalty and changing laws.

Capital punishment was abolished in 1990, the last executions taking place in may 1986 namibia - abolishionist capital punishment was abolished in 1990, the last execution took place in may 1988, when sagarias ariseb was hanged for the murder of the manager of the estate where he was working nauru - retentionist. Activists such as rosa namises see the nation's abortion law as an inheritance from a racist government—one that contributes to high maternal death rates. Violence against women and children in namibia is reaching critical proportions of late there have been some particularly horrific incidences of what are unfortunately termed 'passion killings' the usual public outcry follows each gruesome story calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty, a 'national. In a press statement on the status of the death penalty in africa this week, amnesty international noted that mwanawasa had commuted 60 death sentences so far this year, and five southern african countries - angola, mauritius , mozambique, namibia and south africa - had abolished capital punishment.

Death penalty in namibia

But the veiled threat of a life for a life is not credible since namibia removed the death penalty at independence in 1990, and those calling for its reinstatement in the constitution are frustrated because the passion killings have one sting in the tail: the killers often take the time to leave a suicide note, and. Since namibia is an au member, its citizens and ngos may file complaints to the african commission on human and peoples' rights they may also file complaints according to the eu guidelines (on human rights defenders, death penalty and torture) to embassies of eu member states and the delegations of the. Capital punishment, also called death penalty, execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense capital in the 1990s many african countries—including angola, djibouti, mozambique , and namibia—abolished capital punishment, though most african countries retained it.

The african commission on human and peoples' rights has adopted a draft protocol to the african charter on the abolition of the death penalty countries such as namibia, angola and mozambique have abolished the death penalty already, while others no longer carry out executions in zambia, for. 1989, cambodia, new zealand, romania and slovenia abolished the death penalty for all crimes 1990, andorra, croatia, the czech and slovak federal republic, hungary, ireland, mozambique, namibia and sao tomé and príncipe abolished the death penalty for all crimes. 3 act no 3 of 2003 4 the lesotho defence force act provides for the death penalty in respect of members of the armed forces who, in various ways assist the enemy 5 the same provision exists in botswana, namibia, swaziland, and zimbabwe and also applied in south africa before the abolition of the death penalty.

In other parts of the continent, murder conviction is met with the death penalty egypt was the most recent to apply the measure against persons found complicit in terrorism related offences ugandan president yoweri museveni has hinted that he will start signing death warrants despite outcry from rights. The assembly considers that the death penalty has no legitimate place in the penal systems of modern civilised societies, and that its application may well be compared but there are also encouraging examples: apparently, the death penalty in namibia has been abolished, and south africa has promised to do so soon. This article chronicles the history of criminal law in south west africa (swa) from 1915 to 1939, with a focus on the death penalty the analysis encompasses south africa's rule of swa during world war i (wwi) and under the league of nations permanent mandates commission (pmc) the article. Speaking on behalf of the protestors, willem labuschagne said they want the death penalty back in namibia as they are tired of murders being committed and bail being granted for serious offences “every day, you hear of women and girls being raped and murdered and nothing is done, the offenders.

death penalty in namibia Is to be done to strengthen the restrictions on the death penalty in africa in djibouti, guinea-bissau, ivory coast, mauritius, mozambique, namibia, sao tomé and the death penalty it is clear that at the international level most african states appear to be committed to the retention of the death penalty official policies are.
Death penalty in namibia
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